What Happens to a Story After “The End”

So what happens to a story after you write “The End”?

Cat Chasing Fish1. You can stop there. Yesterday, you had a vague idea that was trying to claw its way out of your mind. Today, you have a story. That is a big fracking deal.

2. You can share it with your friends and family.

3. You can find a bigger audience for it by

— submitting it to a traditional publisher. If it’s accepted for publication, the publisher will assemble a team to edit, illustrate, produce, market, and distribute it.

— submitting it to an digital publisher for ebook distribution, either on its on or as part of a compilation.

— submitting it to a magazine or children’s serial publication.

— submitting it to the Palancas or some other writing competition.

— self-publishing it yourself.

— creating an audiobook.

— creating a story coloring book.

— putting it up on YouTube or similar channel.

— making it into an animated short.

5. You can write a new story.

6. Or you can try out other things that you may not haven’t even thought of yet.

The important thing is not to stop at “The End.”

Everything is possible. It’s your story. It’s the beginning of a series of stories. And just like what happened when you were first writing your story, what happens next may continue to surprise you.

Go go go!

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