Reading Out Loud 2015 in Rodriguez, Rizal

DSC_0271_137by Christine Joy Bianes

BS Education, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Preparing for an event like this workshop is not a new thing for me since I am a child of a pastor and I am one of the leaders in the church who organizes different events for kids. But this summer reading workshop is somewhat different from the events I have organized before. Because this time, the activity is for the memory and birthday of Ms. Mae Astrid Tobias. When I learned about this project, I was quite excited because I know there will be lots of children who will be involved in the program. I am happy because frankly speaking, I do love teaching kids since I was young.

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As the date of the workshop comes, I was becoming more pressured yet excited. I felt the excitement and realization that the day of the awaited workshop is very near. And with the resources given to me, I happily bought the materials and prizes needed for the workshop.

The day before the workshop, I cleaned the place where we will hold the summer reading workshop which is our church. I was the only one who cleaned and arranged the church for the tomorrow’s activity because most of my church mates and co-youth members were not available that time. It’s quite hard for me because I have asthma and I cannot lift heavy things like boards and long tables but I thank God for giving me family members who helped me cleaning and arranging the church. My mother helped me to clean the church. She put the curtains and table cloths for tomorrow and my grandmother helped me to find children for the activity and also my father gave me some advice on how I can manage the children for the activity. Truly this activity gave me and my family the opportunity to do whatever we can to make the activity successful.

IMG_20150509_142145 IMG_20150509_142109 IMG_20150509_142039

IMG_20150509_142403When the day of the workshop came, I woke up early to finish some final touches for the event. And when the workshop started, everyone was excited including me. We started the program with a prayer and introduced myself and Ms. Mae Astrid Tobias. When the children heard that Astrid received a lot of awards they looked amazed and I think they were inspired by her. The summer reading workshop was good and everyone enjoyed it especially the kids who heard Astrid’s stories. When I asked one of the children if she enjoyed the workshop, she said “Opo. Ang dami ko pong natutunan. Kailan po ba mauulit ito?” I cannot answer her question but one thing is I am sure about; she enjoyed Ms. Mae Astrid Tobias Reading Workshop.

This event was one of a kind, it was difficult at start but the memories and efforts that everyone gave in to this activity will be remembered by everyone who attended the program and I hope this will not be the first and last activity that will happen in partnership of us and the Tobias’ family. May God bless us all.


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